Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Lee's Sandwiches - Gotta taste 'em all!

I have a new project that will take me a bit of time. I intend to try every Vietnamese sandwich offered at Lee's Sandwiches. At the one near my home, we have about 17 different kinds. Thus far, I'd had 3, the number 1 combo, the number 2 pork roll, and the number 11 combo. Today, I tried the number 15 shredded chicken. This was a disturbing sandwich to me. The chicken was very very shredded, and it was sweet. Not a taste I'd go for again by choice. I also tried their meatball skewer, and was a bit disappointed. It was like someone had taken the formula for fishcake, swapped in pork, and painted it fuschia before serving. Just a ton of fillers, and not very tasty. There are several things I do like from the sandwich shop, but we'll see occasional updates from me in the comments about new sandwich attempts, and hopefully, this will help you with your purchases.

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