Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vooges - The New Dutch joy in food

Vooges is a tiny little place in Amsterdam. If I didn't find the web site, I would never have thought to have gone in. The food was listed as Modern Dutch, and it was the best I've had in Amsterdam ever. George and I went there for a nice, quiet, romantic dinner. We walked, in the blistering cold, and almost gave up looking for it. The service was nice, polite, and their English was far more than serviceable. The food was fresh, and amazing. I appologize for not giving the most detailed description of what was eaten, but their menu changes w/ the season, so every two months, it's a different menu. Thus, I cannot re-trace my steps at this time. George had a lovely rabbit, with a celeriac mash, which was excellent. I had the best meat I'd had in Europe. It was a perfectly cooked medium rare veal. Soft, and delicate, with a wine reduction.

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