Thursday, February 23, 2006

Foodie Down Under - Cairns could have you starve

Cairns was an amazing town, with tons of activities launching from the harbor, and many restaurants and pubs lining the small downtown area. I had stuck to foods that were easy to grab, and they were passable, but not great. I finally got myself to the restaurant row, and tried a place that looked somewhat upscale, but not stuffy. It is called Mangostin's.

Local beer, Beez Kneez, honey beer, yummy.

Fried seafood basket with bugs, prawns, baramundi, scallops, and chips. Full scallop, bugs were tasty, poor fry job.

Desert lime and ginger creme brulee. No ginger flavor, only on the candied top, and lime brulee is a bad idea. Custard-like, not smooth. Tokay botritis wine. Like raisins, but crap service. "

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